Top 7 Golf Chipping Drills

Below you’ll find some of the best golf chipping drills to be practicing in your spare time at the golf course.

Some of these chipping drills can even be done at home off a chipping mat if you want to put in extra work for faster improvement.

How much time to spend practicing your chipping each week is up to you. We recommend at least 3 hours per week focusing on just chipping if you have the time in your schedule.

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Why Is Chipping Important?

Chipping is a difficult aspect of the golf game to master, and many people have difficulty landing chip shots in their designated areas on the green.

Getting control over your wedge when chipping is super important to developing not only a strong short game but helping you lower your golf scores each round.

Chipping is important in two main areas:

The first being distance control, which involves landing the ball where you are trying to land it when you visualize the chip shot before hitting.

The second is technique, which means striking the golf ball with the wedge properly so that it chips onto the green consistently and doesn’t chunk, or go shooting across the green to the rough on the other side.

Here’s the 7 chipping practice drills for golfers to take to their local facility and work on to better your short game and golf score.

Best Golf Chipping Drills

#1: “Y” Triangle Chipping Drill

Working on the basic fundamentals should be the initial priority. The other aspects of chipping will be much easier once you master this fundamental swing of the chipping club.

When practicing chipping, concentrate on creating a lower case y shape with your arms and the club shaft. Keep most of your weight on your front foot and make movements with your upper body.

Maintain a firm grip with your arms and wrists throughout. This ensures that you are striking a downward hit on the ball, allowing the club to perform the work of propelling the golf ball into the air. It may appear difficult at first, but this method creates a more accurate, lower chip shot that will save you strokes around the green.

#2: Hula Hoop Chipping Drill

This is a superb chipping and pitching drill that you can perform on the practice facility, a nearby park, or in your backyard.

To get started, draw a hula hoop or a comparably sized circle using string. And place 8 golf balls at 5-yard intervals away from around the circle.

Start with the closest ball to the hoop; strive to chip each one so that it lands within the hoop. When you get a ball in, go to the next ball in line. Every time you fail, begin again from the beginning. Don’t give up until you have gotten all eight balls into the hoop one after the other.

#3: A Coin Chipping Drill

It’s an amazing chipping drill that you can complete from home. Chipping a coin instead of a golf ball will not only prepare you to make better contact with your chip shots, but it will also make chipping a golf ball appear much smoother.

Try putting some coins on your living room carpet and use an old wedge to whack them so you don’t damage your newer wedge.

Attempt to toss the coins into the air as easily as possible, or toss them in a strategically positioned plastic cup.

After a few hours of practice, striking a golf ball becomes incredibly easy. This drill works because it requires you to go low through the chip and maintain accuracy with your shots.

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#4: Chipping Drill for Slam Dunks

One of my preferred chipping drills to do a little fun after a practice session or to spice up your routine. It is easy: aim to slam dunk your chip.

Get a range of 10-30 yards and attempt to slam dunk as many attempts as possible directly into the cup without hitting the green. It is indeed a great experience, and it will teach you how to strike chips and pitches at accurate distances.

#5: The 10/10 Chipping Drill

This is one drill that, without a doubt, changed the way I play golf. Despite this, the majority of golfers spend their whole time on the course attempting to hit the driver!

Why wouldn’t you practice the shots that you’ll be hitting the majority of the time on the course if you genuinely want to shoot lower scores and play the golf you’ve always wanted to play?

It’s the equivalent of saying you want to improve fitness while smoking cigarettes all day. It doesn’t add up.

This drill will assist you to tune in your distances from 10-100 yards and then you can keep the ball close to your body, get more putts, and begin shooting scores you will be proud to speak about. To align with each point, strive to chip your shots at exact distances.

How to perform this drill?

  • Mark off 10-yard distances from 10 to 100 yards with yardage markers.
  • In 10-yard intervals, determine what swing provides each distance between 10 and 100 yard carries.

The single most important thing you can do to shave strokes off your handicap and substantially enhance your scoring around the green is to learn the individual swings you’ll need to create every shot between 10-100 yards.

Golf is a sport in which players compete from a distance of 120 yards and in. Start concentrating on your short game rather than how long you hit your drives.

#6: Chair Drill

For golf enthusiasts, here’s another rainy-day training session. You’ll use a living room chair as the object for this exercise. The bottom, cushion, and back of most of these chairs are the three zones to strive for.

Set the ball 6 feet away from the chair with a gap wedge and target for each zone. To control where the ball goes, experiment with different stances and swings.

The ball should loft higher as you go forward in your stance; shift your bodyweight and then it will fly lower. Experiment with different clubs and stances until you find what works constantly.

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#7: Trial Hand Chipping

This is one of the best pro workouts for learning how to move the trailing arm over the shaft rather than below it.

Set up normally, then open your trail hand and hit 9-3 shots. If you find a space between your hands, you flip. Pay attention to your finger; if you’re unaware of it, it may need to hold the club.

Best Chipping Game – Par 18

One of the finest chipping suggestions I ever heard was to include games in your training program. Golf games keep your practice fresh and might teach you how to perform under pressure while competing against your friends.

This is a wonderful chipping game for improving your scoring around the green.

How It Works:

  • Select 9 tee boxes around the green, each with a different distance and angle.
  • As a Par 2, play 1 ball from each location.
  • Hit a chip as close to the hole as possible, then finish with a putter trying to putt into the hole
  • You’re making a Par 18 golf course, allowing 2 strokes (1 chip, 1 putt) per hole.

This game will work on all aspects of your short game including chipping and putting. It provides excellent feedback on your short-game improvement and is far faster than a full round of golf.

Perform this drill once a week and keep note of your results. In no time, they will start dropping.

Golf Chipping Drills Conclusion

Start practicing golf with these chipping tips and drills to get the performance on the greens that you’ve always desired. You have no justification for losing strokes on the course due to bad chipping.

Commit to working on your chipping for at least three hours every week for the next three weeks, and I guarantee it will improve your golf game greatly.

Just know that every time you go onto the course, you’ll be able to save more pars, score more birdies, and transform those round-ending quad bogies into comfortably manageable bogies or pars.

Golf Practice Plans to Follow

Thanks for reading today’s article!

Nick Foy – Golf Instructor

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