Golf Swing Takeaway Drills

The takeaway is an important step of the golf swing. Proper takeaway can setup the downswing to be more accurate and with lots of speed to generate power.

If you work on the following golf swing takeaway drills, you’ll feel more confident with your backswing getting to the correct swing plane and position at the top.

Also, check out our full golf swing sequence video on YouTube. It’s a step by step breakdown of the golf swing.

Golf Takeaway Drills

#1: The One-Piece Takeaway

The one-piece takeaway drill helps to fix an inside or outside takeaway so that you can make a golf swing that is more on the plane.

How to Do a One-Piece Takeaway Drill:

  • Select a flag as a target.
  • Place a club on the ground near your feet and a ball outside of it so you can hit it easily. These must be on the target line.
  • Now, take your stance and keep your knees a little bent and swing your club halfway back and pause for a moment.
  • While swinging, try to move your shoulders, not your hips and thighs, and keep your arms straight.
  • When you swing halfway back, check if you can see your hands. If yes, then your club is not square. You can also match the club position with the one placed on the ground. They both must be parallel.
  • Now, hit the ball and repeat it several times until you master it.

#2: Under String Drill

It’s a great takeaway drill that makes sure that you’re not coming behind too far inside after impact.

How to Do Under String Drill:

  • Place two tees 5 ft away from each other and tie a piece of string with them.
  • Take a golf ball and place it underneath the string and in the middle of the two tees.
  • Take your stance, and on the way to the backswing and then back to downswing, make sure to keep the clubhead toward your body during the entire swing.
  • If it gets outside of the string, you’ll hit it, which means you’re getting off the plane.

#3: Toe Line Drill

The toe line drill is one of the best golf takeaway drills that make the club not stuck too far inside on the downswing and takeaway.

How to Do Toe Line Drill:

  • Place the golf ball on the ground and hold a short or mid-iron to start.
  • Practice a couple of takeaways by lining the golf club parallel to the toe line. Also, make sure it does not go behind or inside that line.
  • Now, swing your club back to reach the top and then practice bringing it down a couple of times.
  • When it reaches the point where it is parallel to the ground, line it up to parallel to the toe line. Practice this a few times.
  • When you practice both downswing and takeaway for 3-4 times, hit a couple of balls and see what changes.

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#4: Two Clubs, One Hand Drill

If you struggle with keeping the swing on the plane, the drill is for you.

How to Do Two Clubs, One Hand Drill:

  • Take two golf clubs, one in each hand.
  • Set up the golf ball holding these clubs.
  • Take your stance and swing back with your right hand (for a right-hand player).
  • On the halfway up, ensure that the plane matches the club’s plane on the left hand, which is at the address.
  • On the downswing, rest your right-hand club and move your left hand for follow-through.
  • On the halfway up, ensure that the plane matches the club’s plane on the right hand, which is at the address.
  • Repeat till you feel like you’re swinging correctly.

#5: Swing On a String Drill

The drill is great for golfers who struggle with their clubhead path and end up hitting an inside-out or outside-in swing.

How to Do Swing On a String Drill:

  • Place two tees 5 ft away from each other and push them down.
  • Tie a piece of string with tees so that it lays tightly on the turf.
  • Take a golf ball and place it over the string and in the middle of the two tees.
  • Now, hit the ball off of the string.
  • Practice a couple of shots and check your clubhead path on the takeaway.
  • Also, do not push the golf ball as it moves the club inside the string on the takeaway.

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#6: On Course Correction Drill

The on-course correction drill allows you to position the club correctly for the takeaway.

How to Do On Course Correction Drill:

  • Hold a golf club and place the ball on the ground and take your stance.
  • Ask your playing partner to stand behind you.
  • Now, bring the golf club back to the hip height and have the partner catch the clubhead.
  • Also, ensure that the person catches the clubhead only when its position covers your glove.
  • Repeat till you get the correct feel before hitting the shot.

#7: Rolling Hands Takeaway Drill

It is a great drill to ensure that you do not roll your hands during the takeaway.

How to Do Rolling Hands Takeaway Drill:

  • Take a small basket or a basketball in your hand and stand in your golf position.
  • Now, turn to your right (for a right-hand player) till the basket is at hip height.
  • Keep your hands straight and chest aligned to the basket.
  • If you rotate or twist the basket as you turn, it means there is a problem with your takeaway.
  • You can take the help of a mirror to see the position of the object.
  • Repeat it several times until you turn it without rotating or twisting.

Golf Practice Plans to Follow

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