Golf Diet: Healthy Foods to Eat for Performance on Course

Golf is a game that can be played for both recreation and professional reasons. Whatever reason that anyone chooses to play golf for it is very important that such person dedicates effort to proper dieting as well as personal development.

When attention is paid to the foods consumed in your diet, the performance of any golf player is bound to be affected in a positive way. If you have always been wondering what a proper diet should look like for a golfer then this article is for you.

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Stay Hydrated to Play Well

The game of golf is one that demands skill, high level of discipline and concentration in order to be sustained for a long period of time. As a result of this, it is very essential for golfers to consume adequate amount of liquids in order to keep themselves hydrated.

However, the quantity of liquid that is required by golfers to a large extent differs depending on the respective golfer’s gender, size, time of play and also the location of the golf course.

If the playing ground is situated at a hot and sunny location, golfer’s will need to consume more water.

To stay hydrated, it is very important that golfers have ample access to fluids during both playing time and training periods. As a matter of course, fluids should be taken in a golf bag to the playing arena.

The liquid requirements of a golfer may increase or decrease depending on the weather condition. Taking note of the body temperature is a basic way to monitor the condition of the weather.

Take for an example, an increase in the level of sweating of a golfer would mean that there is a rise in the humidity level of the location of the golf course at that period of time.

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For a golfer to be sustained all through the golf playing rounds it is essential to have consumed a nutritious meal four to five hours before the game that can maintain the blood sugar rate and keep the body energized to avoid unnecessary fatigue during the course of the game.

Although the appetite of each golfer is different it is generally advisable for them to eat a pre-competition meal that consists of both carbohydrate, protein and liquid.

Carbohydrates will be required to energize the golfer, protein to prevent hunger during the long hours of the game and water to keep the body hydrated.

Below are some meals that can be considered for consumption before the commencement of the golf game:

  • Tuna salad and fresh milk.
  • Fruity bagel.
  • Vegetable omelet.
  • Spaghetti with meatballs.
  • Chicken salad.

A golfer who requires more to satisfy his or her appetite can also consume extremely light snacks that is rich in carbohydrate and yet still very easy to digest an hour prior to the commencement of the game.

Some snacks that can suffice in a case like are:

  • guacamole
  • chips
  • dark chocolate
  • avocado cracker
  • spiced nuts
  • fruits
  • peanut butter
  • corn
  • oats

Golfers should have a professional sports dietitian that can give them an explicit guide on the nutrition that is required for them to perform effectively in the game and can also come up with a diet plan and schedule that suits their body system perfectly.

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A standard golf game lasts for a good number of hours, hence, it is mandatory for a golfer to replace the nutrients that was utilized by the body during the course of the game.

It is also expedient that the timing of the golf game will require the golfer to miss one of the day’s meal (lunch in most cases), so it is important that that the body is fueled with the nutrients that were skipped in the course of the game.

It is advisable that golfers consume a small healthy snack after every five or at most six holes played to maintain maximum energy and concentration.

Some snacks which golfers can consider having in their golf bags while going for a golf game are: fresh fruits, oat meals, almonds, nut and seed butter, popcorn, energy balls, nutty granola bars, cereals, bananas, rice, crunchies, potato chips, plantain chips, protein bars.

Water must also be handy in any golf game. If a golfer prefers switching up his or her taste buds with something more flavored, sport energy drinks can also serve as a viable alternative to water.

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The importance of recovery nutrition for a golfer can never be over emphasized particularly for one playing numerous rounds in a day over different number of competitions. Recovery diet replaces lost nutrients in the golfer’s body.

Carbohydrate (to supply the body with energy), protein (to repair the muscles and build up the body system) and fluid (to keep the body hydrated) are important components of a golfer’s recovery diet.

Examples of meals that cam serve as recovery diets are: Ham-egg or fruit salad, sandwich, groundnut cake, smoothies, cheese, avocados, kale chips, spinach, meat balls, chocolate bars, energy bars and protein bars.

Contrary to popular opinion, the game of golf isn’t a stress free game. Golfers need the same nutrients as every other athlete if not even more.

Having the proper nutrients in the system can in no little way aid the performance of a golfer and this is why it essential that a golfer pays attention not only to his the development of skills but also to the consumption of proper diet both before, during and after a golf game.

The traits of a golfer that is not properly fed with the right nutrients will by all means be obvious in such golfer’s performance.

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