Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf club manufacturers mostly target the adult age group for their products. But golf is a sport played by people of all ages. Whether it’s a kid under 10 years or an elderly person over 60 years, golf is loved globally and unconditionally.

The unfortunate truth is that we have limited options for both kids and seniors in terms of golf clubs. That’s why we’ve decided to create this post as a guide for you. Whether you’re looking for a set of clubs for yourself or someone in the family, you can use the information we’re going to share as your baseline.

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What are the Differences Between Regular and Senior Golf Clubs?

The major difference is the shaft.  You can’t tweak the design of the club heads too much because it’ll change how the club performs. But changing the shaft design can accommodate the forgiveness and ease of use most seniors need.

In general, senior counterparts of regular clubs have a lighter and more flexible shaft. It allows more swing speed without putting too much pressure on the individual.

Another difference is noticed in how the club heads are designed. Most senior clubs have perimeter weighting with a hollow inside to compensate for off-center hits. It’s a very clever way of changing the club heads without changing how it performs.

How to Choose Senior Golf Clubs

Before buying a product, it’s always recommended that you do your research. When such an engaging sport as golf is considered, the importance of research is even more imminent. In this section of our post, we’re going to look at the things you need to consider before you go out and buy the best senior golf clubs in the market.

The Shaft Design and Flex

There’s no denying that our body loses its usual strength as we age. It’s the course of nature that no one can defy. So, you need to consider the equipment you want for golf to suit your body.

The shaft flex is one of the most important aspects when you’re in the market for the best senior golf clubs. Flex determines how much the shaft will flex upon impact. More flex allows you to pick up speed more easily. It also doesn’t strain your bones at impact.

In terms of shaft design, there are lots of options. You can either go with clubs that are heavier around the grip or the longer clubs boasting more weight near the club head.

The former will help you get more accuracy out of our shots. The latter will give you more speed and power.


Weight is one of the most crucial properties of club that especially comes into play for both kids and seniors. Both of these age groups are usually not able to handle the weight mainstream clubs offer.

For seniors, it’s better to go with lighter clubs. It might be on the more expensive side, but lightweight clubs offer more forgiveness. They’re also easier to handle at higher speeds. Titanium clubs are usually the lightest. If they seem too expensive, you can always revert back to aluminum or mixed metal clubs.

Club Head Design

For Seniors, it’s ideal to go with more forgiving club heads. It’s safe to assume that most seniors play golf as a leisure activity. So, there’s no point in using hard to master clubs only to walk for miles at the course to find the balls.

Instead, go with more forgiving clubs to improve your score as well as reduce the walking as much as possible.

Loft Angle

For elders, it’s hard to gain lift on the golf ball. And we know from the characteristics of golf clubs that higher lofted clubs offer more lift at impact. If you put the two and two together, you can understand why going with a lofted club than general is a better choice for seniors.

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Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

In this section, we’re going to look at some of the best golf club sets for seniors. We’re going with sets because all of the clubs in a set are similarly designed for the same purposes. You can always mix and match from different manufactures. But it means you’ll need to spend more time trying out the clubs instead of enjoying the view at the course.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Set of 12

Callaway needs no introduction in the world of golf. It has an amazing lineup of golf equipment for kids, adults, and seniors. The Men’s Strata Ultimate is a great option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly club set for seniors.

The first thing you’ll notice is the design. In classic Callaway fashion, all clubs in the set look fabulous. Another great thing is that all of the clubs have a similar color accent which further boosts the aesthetics.

You can choose between a 12-club set, a 14-club set, or a 16-club set. The 16-piece set comes in three variations. The ultimate, the tour, and the stiff shaft. As you can see, you have great control over how you want to populate your bag before you hit the course.

The set comes with drivers, irons, woods, hybrids, wedges, and putters. Basically, every type of club you might need for playing is included in the set. The biggest selling point of these clubs is that it’s very lightweight yet it doesn’t compromise your playing at all.

TaylorMade SIM Max Combo Set

TaylorMade is another iconic golf equipment manufacturer. And SIM Max series is tremendously popular all over the world, both among professionals and amateurs. The Combo set in question is specifically designed for seniors, offering more forgiveness than any other senior club.

The set has 2 hybrids, 4 irons, and 2 wedges. It would be better if the set has putters. However, you get all of the proprietary features that make SIM Max so special in this set as well. You have the ECHO damping system, speed pocket, ultra thin faces, and the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology!

The hybrids are mostly distance driven which means you can use them as your drivers. There’s nothing to add about the forgiveness because hybrids are the most forgiving clubs out there. The included irons are incredibly forgiving for the seniors as well. It’s a great feature because we all know irons usually offer minimal forgiveness.

Wilson Ultra Plus Set

Wilson has done an amazing job of including the seniors into golf with its innovative club set. The Wilson Ultra Plus is a 9-club set that includes a 460cc forgiving driver, a 3 wood, a 5 hybrid, a 6 pitching wedge, and a putter.

One of the main reasons we included the Wilson Ultra Plus set is its price. It gives the name-brands a run for their money in terms of price to value ratio. Sure, it’s not as premium as the TaylorMade or the Callaway set, but you can’t expect any more than this for this price range.

The driver has a huge sweet spot that allows the seniors to hit longer tee shots without struggling for power. All of the clubs have perimeter weighting to improve accuracy. Many players use this set as their game improvement set.

The shafts are made from Graphite on all clubs which is also a huge bonus at this price range. This is perfect for those who are looking for a complete set of senior golf clubs without putting a hole in their bank accounts.

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Titleist T400 Irons

This is the only standalone product we’re going to include in your guide. This is for the players who are more comfortable with irons than hybrids or woods. Titleist is probably the best manufacturer out there for forgiving golf irons for seniors!

The T400 series is considered to be the longest and most forgiving iron across the lineup. The loft is exceptionally high on these clubs. But the surprising fact is that you won’t see that ball flying high!

It’s all due to the split sole design that allows the irons to glide over the grass gracefully. The face is very thin as well as the head is hollow to make the clubs more powerful and more forgiving at the same time. It’s a combination you don’t get to see every day!

Titleist offers the full range of irons on the T400 series. Whether you’re looking for explosive tee shots or more controlled short distance shots, you’ll find your pick from this series relatively easily.

Final Words

Buying golf clubs for anyone other than the regular age group is quite confusing. As different manufacturers tend to use different metrics to specify their clubs, it becomes hard for average golfers to find the right pick.

Our recommendation is to go with the sets of clubs instead of individual clubs when senior golf equipment is concerned. It gives you more freedom over manufactures and how you want to play at the course. Mixing and matching may lead to incompatibility issues in the long run.

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