10 Best Golf Drills To Improve Your Golf Game

No matter how much you read about the best golf techniques to improve your game, nothing works as well as golf drills. Performing golf drills is the best way to demonstrate and practice various golf techniques and master them.

There are many golf drills, suggested by golf experts, that can help you with posture, body movements, and strength training as well. The best part about these drills is that they allow you to become more confident and improve a lot.

In this blog post, we will share the 10 best golf drills that can help you improve your golf game significantly. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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10 Best Golf Drills

#1: Ladder Drill

When it comes to playing golf, it is crucial to work on speed. However, many golfers may forget about practicing speed control which leads to poor performance and even three putting.

But, with the ladder drill, you can easily solve this issue.

Why Do This Drill?

The ladder drill will help you upon improving your ability to control the speed and how far your golf ball rolls with every putt. So, if you’re willing to improve this, let’s see how you can do it.

How to Do This Drill?

First, you need to arrange everything. So, for this drill, you need to take five golf balls. Then, put these balls on the putting green. Make sure you find a proper flat green surface for the drill.

Then, stand around 30’ away from the target hole.

Now, before you begin, place the tee 10’ away from the target hole. So, it is around 20’ away from you.

Then, start with the first putt. What you need to do is ensure that the ball rolls just a bit past the tee. However, it shouldn’t reach the target hole. Similarly, take another ball and ensure that it rolls past the tee and the first ball. However, it remains before the target hole.

Continue this drill with all five balls in a similar way. By completing this golf practice drill, you’ll be gaining amazing speed control on putting.

#2: Towel Swing Drill

Did you know that you can use a towel for various golf drills? Today, we’ll specifically see a towel drill for improving your balance and stability in the golf swing.

Why Do This Drill?

You may think that you have the perfect body balance and stability while putting. But, when you do hit the ball, you may notice that your balance was compromised.

This towel trick will help you make your balance better while you’re putting to get you the perfect shot.

How to Do This Drill?

First, take a towel and roll it in a ‘tube’ form. Then, stand on top of the rolled towel such that your shoes’ arches are in contact with the towel. This will cause an imbalance.

Once you’re in that position, try doing ten putts. You will find that it is much harder to retain your balance. However, after ten putts, you will find that your balance is much better after you remove the towel.

To get effective results and improved balance, keep trying this drill till you’re confident.

#3: Headcover Drill

If you are a beginner, then the headcover drill can certainly help you. You may have had slice shots that happen due to setup and grip issues. These slice shots are the bane of every golf player and many often want to prevent them from happening.

Thankfully, the headcover drill can help you with it.

Why Do This Drill?

This headcover drill is targeted towards helping you prevent slice shots. It is also one of the most popular drills for beginners who wish to avoid slice shots.

How to Do This Drill?

First of all, get a headcover and place it six inches behind the ball and four inches outside the ball. It should be along the target line.

After positioning everything, remove the golf ball. Then, take your golf club and practice some slow swings. Make sure that you don’t hit the headcover. Slowly increase your swing speed and try to not hit the headcover.

Once you are confident, you can place the ball and try swinging it without hitting the headcover. It may take some time but eventually, it will help prevent slice shots.

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#4: Half-Speed Swing Drill

Do you often find yourself over-swinging and losing your balance? Well, then the half-speed swing drill may help you out.

Why Do This Drill?

The best benefit of the half-speed swing drill is that it helps you prevent over-swinging. Moreover, it can also help in training your right hand while swinging.

How to Do This Drill?

It is extremely easy to do this drill. All you need to do here is start off with slow chips using your right hand. You also need to make sure that as the name suggests, you swing the club with just half the speed.

So, continue swinging in the same way that you do but make sure that you’re doing it at half the speed. When your speed is lowered, you will be able to gauge your performance and where you’re over-swinging or going wrong.

#5: Hula-Hoop Indoor Chipping Drill

Chipping isn’t as easy as your normal swing shots. Here, you need practice and the perfect drill can help you master the art of chipping.

So, if you’re simply stuck at home and want to improve upon your chipping skills, then you can try out some indoor chipping drills, like this Hula-Hoop indoor chipping drill.

Why Do This Drill?

The Hula-Hoop indoor chipping drill will help you gather some control over your chipping skills. Moreover, it will help you reach your golf ball to the target or at least close to the target.

How to Do This Drill?

All you need to do is get a Hula-Hoop. Then, get a few golf balls and set them at different distances. Once you have made the arrangement, you can start with the drill.

Now, start chipping the golf ball and ensure that it is within the hoop. Start from the ball that is closest to the hoop. Then, slowly advance towards the farthest ball. If you miss any shot, repeat the whole process again.

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#6: Aim Drill

As you may already know golf is a target-oriented sport. Hence, to hit the target, aiming before swinging becomes extremely necessary.

However, many golf players often forget to focus on aiming and end up missing their shots based on poor alignment.

Why Do This Drill?

The aim drills are the best way to overcome the aiming issue in golf. It can help you understand where you’re going wrong and how you can improve. So, if you’re a golf player who faces issues while aiming, consider doing this drill.

How to Do This Drill?

First, take a club and place it flatly in front of the ball such that it is pointing straight towards the target. Then, remove the ball.

Now, take a swing (without the golf ball). When your club is at the highest position, observe whether the angle between the flat club and your club is around a 45-degree angle or not.

Keep doing it till you have the perfect or almost 45-degree angle.

#7: Impact Bag Drill

Impact bags are specifically made for golf practices and to help you improve your game. For instance, impact bags can assist you in finding the right position while you strike, also known as the impact.

Why Do This Drill?

This drill essentially makes use of an impact bag. Hence, it can help you gauge your swing performance during the impact time and make necessary adjustments to your swing.

How to Do This Drill?

You simply need to take an impact bag. Put it in your practice area. Then, start with the drill. All you need to do is hit the impact bag in the same way you hit the golf ball.

You’ll find that the impact bags have a sweet spot target. So, try to find that target and keep hitting it with as much force as possible.

If you don’t have an impact bag, you can make your own at home or go for a cushion.

#8: Arm Rotation Drill

An improper arm rotation causes a lot of problems in the game. For instance, you may exert more effort during the swing but get less power in the shot.

If you’re mainly struggling with finding the proper arm rotation while swinging, then you need to go for rotation drills.

Why Do This Drill?

The arm rotation drill is the best way to overcome rotation problems. This drill can help you achieve better distance and power without actually exerting a lot of effort during the swing.

How to Do This Drill?

First, you need to hold the golf club like you normally do. Then, slide and place your bottom hand down the club such that it is one hand’s width away from the grip’s bottom.

Then, make a backswing and ensure that your left-hand remains straight. Then, swing in a follow-through position and check whether or not your arms remain extended and straight.

Now, repeat this whole process for some swings. After that, reposition your bottom hand by bringing it up a few inches. Take a few swings and repeat until you reach your normal grip.

#9: Bunker Shot Drill

Bunker shots may require a lot of practice, especially if you’re a beginner. Hence, there are certain drills, like this bunker shot drill, that will help you improve.

Why Do This Drill?

If you often find yourself hitting too much or too little sand while trying a bunker shot, then the bunker shot drill can make you understand where you’re going wrong.

How to Do This Drill?

First, in the bunker area, you need to draw two lines six inches away from each other.

Then, while practicing the shot, you need to make sure you impact the sand on the first line. And, exit the club on the second line. If you miss it, you need to keep repeating the process till you can achieve the goal.

#10: The Dime Drill

You may encounter fat shots or thin shots in golf that can affect your performance. For instance, when you hit the ball fat, before hitting the golf ball, you may hit the ground. So, to avoid this from happening, there are drills like the dime drill.

Why Do This Drill?

The dime drill can help you make solid contact with the ball and prevent fat shots from taking place.

How to Do This Drill?

To do this drill, first, you need to take a dime. Then, position this dime on the tee.

Then, start swinging and making sure that you hit the dime. Observe how high the dime is going. The higher it is, the better your contact is. Keep practicing it till you’re confident that you’re hitting the dime right.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, golf drills are the best way to improve your skills. These drills can help target different weak points in your game and turning them into your strengths.

So, with the list above, find the drills that you think would be helpful in improving your performance, practice them, and stay consistent!

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