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Short Game Practice Plan + Challenge


Looking for a golf practice plan that doesn’t take more than 2 hours? If you’re limited on time, check out our 2 hour short game practice routines. Perfect for high school and college golfers as well as full time job workers who want to practice their golf game after work.

We’ve built a training program that gives you step by step practice routines and they are challenging but lots of fun. You’ll face pressure as well to pass each level building your mental toughness.

Print out the practice plan worksheets to take to the golf course and track your statistics for each drill. We’ve labeled a score you must beat for each drill set in order to pass that drill set. If you pass all drill sets in the practice routine, you pass that level and can move on to the next practice level.

Once you complete all 10 levels, you should see your golf scores improving several strokes if not more due to an amazing short game you’ve built. Go through this program again but set higher scores than before to pass each level and you’ll become a pro.



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