Chipping Made Simple


The Complete Chipping Video Course

Access over 20+ video lessons on chipping. Your one stop shop for learning everything you need to know about how to chip better on the golf course. Videos include but not limited to:

  • Correct chipping set up
  • Proper chipping technique
  • Types of chip shots and when to play them
  • Which clubs to use for chipping
  • Important chipping drills to practice
  • Lowering your golf scores
  • And much more bonus content

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chipping course outline

Video Course Outline (What’s Included):

  • Chipping Instruction & Fundamentals
  • Chip Shot Setup 101
  • Correct Your Grip
  • Types of Chip Shots You Must Learn
  • Pitching vs Chipping
  • Hitting Wedge Shots with Backspin
  • Hitting Same Wedge Club 3 Different Distances
  • How to Hit Low Punch Shots
  • Stop Chunking – Towel Drill
  • Chip It In – Stance Setup & Chipping Technique
  • Consistent Contact – Stance Setup & Technique
  • Chipping Drills to Practice
  • Drill #1: Around the World
  • Drill #2: Basket Chipping
  • Drill #3: Chip-In Practice
  • Drill #4: Chipping Landing Zone Challenge
  • Drill #5: Land on the Target
  • Drill #6: Long Distance Chipping Practice
  • Drill #7: Shorter than the Previous – Box Drill
  • Drill #8: Gate Drill to Hit Straight Chip Shots
  • Drill #9: Hit the Towel
  • Drill #10: Bump n Run Chip In Drill

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