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7 Day Practice Plan

Save time at the golf course by following step by step practices over 7 days that save you the overwhelm of how to plan your practice sessions.

7 Day Practice Plan is designed to help you improve your practice structure so you see fast results while saving time.

If you’re ready to follow a practice system designed to improve your swing, chipping, and putting, then download your copy of my 7 day practice system today.

Why You’ll Want This Practice Plan:

I’m Coach Nick Foy, the founder of Foy Golf Academy, and I teach thousands of students just like you how to improve at golf. I share my practice systems that helped me reach scratch golf and have helped thousands of other golfers improve their golf scores quickly. I help you cut out the fluff and save time trying to figure out how to improve at golf on your own. My proven systems have practice plans, worksheets, video lessons, and other resources that give you structure so you know how to show up to the golf course and improve.

7 Day Practice Plan is for you if you’ve felt the frustrations of trying to get better at golf and you’re ready to…

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all 7 practices need to be completed in 7 straight days in a row? 

This 7 Day Practice Plan is self-paced meaning you can complete the 7 days anytime, however we recommend aiming to practice at least 2-3 days per week.

How long are these practice routines?

The time it takes to complete each practice will vary by the golfer. I have completed these practices in usually 60-90 minutes which is an appropriate time length for building skill. Some days may take less than 1 hour.

How Does This Compare to the Full Training System?

This is a quick 7 day practice plan but the structure is similar to what students get when they join our Full Training System which offers 3 different programs for beginners, moderate, and advanced level golfers. In our Training System we design practices that are challenging and mix in a variety of golf drills that build your skills quickly. Higher volume repetition to build muscle memory. You’ll also have access to video lessons and other resources in the Full Training System. This 7 Day Practice Plan is only 7 practice routines. To access our video lesson library you’ll need to become a full-access member of our Training System.

Get Started with Your 7 Day Practice Plan!

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