Short Game Practice Program

Grab your practice system + bonuses today and discover how you can:

  • Instantly lower 5 to 10 strokes from your golf score
  • Sink more putts inside 6 feet to save par
  • Stop 3 putting (and hating yourself for the rest of the round)
  • Get up and down from anywhere around the green
  • Dial in your club distances to make better club selection choices
  • Track your stats to see your improvement
  • Increase mental toughness to begin and close out a golf round
  • And much much more!

10 Challenging Levels of Short Game Practices

Looking for a golf practice plan that doesn’t take more than 2 hours? If you’re limited on time, check out our 2 hour short game practice routines. Perfect for high school and college golfers as well as full time job workers who want to practice their golf game after work and weekends.

We’ve built a training program that gives you step by step practice routines and they are challenging but lots of fun. You’ll face pressure as well to pass each level building your mental toughness.

Print out the practice plan worksheets to take to the golf course and track your statistics for each drill. We’ve labeled a score you must beat for each drill set in order to pass that drill set. If you pass all drill sets in the practice routine, you pass that level and can move on to the next practice level.

Once you complete all 10 levels, you should see your golf scores improving several strokes if not more due to an amazing short game you’ve built. Go through this program again but set higher scores than before to pass each level and you’ll become a pro.

What Will I Be Getting Inside This Course?

Putting Practice Routines – 10 Different Levels

Start with Level 1 of the Putting Practice Routines and complete it while logging your scores for each drill. If you equal or exceed the recommended score, you’ve passed the level and can move on to the next practice routine.

Chipping Practice Routines – 10 Different Levels

Just like the putting practice routines, you’ll be starting at Level 1 for Chipping and complete all the drills for that routine. Total up your score at the end and see if you did well enough to advance to Level 2.

Worksheets to Track Your Stats

Each level in this short game training system comes with worksheets you can print out and fill out as you go. We know with technology you’d prefer an app on your phone, but we want you to go old school and use pen & paper to track your data. We recommend printing all 20 worksheets for the putting and chipping levels and 3 hole punching them into a binder

Is this Program Right for Me?

Does any of the follow sound familiar to you?

Practicing like crazy with little result. You’re throwing a lot of time and money into your golf swing, equipment, balls, and training aids but seeing little to no improvement in your scores.

Unsure how to spend your practice time. You’ve got limited practice time each week and every time you go to the course you’ve got good intentions of working hard but end up leaving feeling unaccomplished.

Losing your motivation. You feel like you’ve tried every golf drill on Google, but haven’t seen the results you were expecting or the improvement that allows you to break that next scoring barrier.

Frustrated by all the conflicting information. You’re sick of wasting time trying to research how to fix your golf swing, improve your ball striking, and sink more putts. You keep hearing the same outdated, lame-sauce advice. You want something that will work NOW!

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good. You are SO in the right spot.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…

Dramatically improve your chipping skills in less than ONE week. Consistently strike quality chip shots that land on the green and roll close to the hole. No more missed opportunities to get up and down for par.

Sink more putts within 10 feet. Stop sweating those par saving putts from a few feet away from the hole. You’ve built a putting stroke that is your strongest weapon, helping you make more birdies, pars, and shoot lower scores.

Feel confident in your golf game. No more second guessing or feeling pressure standing over your golf shots. You know you have the skills to play well and the mental confidence to back it up.

Stand out above the competition. Your golf game becomes noticeable when playing with friends, getting you lots of new compliments and putting fear in your competitors.

Continually improve your golf skills without spending tons of money. You are actually able to see improvement on a weekly basis without spending loads of money on your game.

Feel excited to practice your golf game. When was the last time practicing golf was actually fun and didn’t feel like a chore? Now you have exciting drills and games to look forward to completing, making you want to head to the course for practice!

Yep. Fo-Real.

Get this, bud — you can achieve ALL of this success by simply practicing more strategically.

Why You Should Join

This short game practice plan is one of the best and will teach you my highly effective Golf Practice SYSTEM, so you can stop spinning on that hamster wheel and start improving your golf scores, fundamentally and QUICKLY.

Discover ALL the short game practice drills I’ve taught to over 1,000+ other Program students — practice plans that will dramatically improve your scoring, chipping, and putting fast.

This is the same system I would use to break 80 in golf if I was starting over again. It quickly improves your short game skills so you can save pars and make birdies on the greens.

We’re not trying to practice blindly here. We want you to see progress and growth and the only way to do so is by having cold hard data to back it up! Make use of the provided worksheets!

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