Golf Swing Made Simple


The Complete Golf Swing Video Course

This golf swing course is the complete training module you need with 30+ different video lessons covering the important things to understand about the golf swing. We over simplify the swing for beginners so you can make changes to your golf swing yourself and see quick improvement.

  • Learn how to simplify the golf swing
  • Fix your slice or hook
  • Hit longer golf shots and drives
  • Hit straighter golf shots
  • Lower your golf scores
  • Impress your friends
  • How to set up correctly
  • Shot shaping the golf ball (draws / fades)
  • Golf drills to practice on the range
  • And much more

See a photo of the dashboard and video list below


golf swing course outline

Course Outline:

  • Swing Instruction & Fundamentals
  • How to Grip a Golf Club
  • The Proper Golf Stance
  • The Correct Golf Posture
  • Check Your Alignment for Better Aim
  • Golf Swing Sequence: All 6 Steps
  • Pre Shot Routine (Steps to Take)
  • Fix Your Slice 5 Steps
  • How to Draw the Golf Ball
  • Golf Course Strategy
  • How to Hit Fairway Woods Better
  • 9 Golf Shot Types to Master
  • Swing Speed: How to Get More Distance
  • How to Hit Long Irons
  • Why a Shorter Backswing May Help You
  • Golf Ball Flight Laws
  • Club Shaft Length: Why It Matters
  • Ball Position for Each Golf Club
  • Golf Swing Weight Transfer
  • Fixing Your Swing During a Golf Round
  • How to Hit Low Punch Shots
  • Golf Swing Lag: Why It’s Important
  • Golf Club Distances: How Far to Hit Each Club
  • Don’t Do This With Your Driver
  • 3 Faults Beginners Make: Avoid Doing These
  • Best Fixes for Stopping a Slice Golf Swing
  • How to Pure Your Golf Irons
  • Practice Drills
  • Straighten Your Swing Path Drill
  • Hitting the Same Club 3 Distances
  • Driving Range: 3 Practice Methods to Maximize Your Time

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