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21 Day Fat Loss Guide


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Learn how to burn belly fat FAST with a sustainable, lifestyle focused workout + diet plan:

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  • Consistency that creates lifestyle habits you can sustain long term
  • Easy, beginner friendly workouts
  • Nutrition guide that sheds fat off your body FAST
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  • Lose 5-10 pounds quickly
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The biggest challenge you face when trying to lose weight is finding a workout routine that fits easily in your schedule and life.

You’ll go through phases of high motivation, staying on track and then something in your life will throw you off and you end up back in the cycle of missing workouts, over-eating, and gaining weight back.

With this 21 day program to burn belly fat FAST, we wanted to create a workout system and nutrition plan that can be sustainable long term.

21 Days is the recommend time it takes to build a new habit which means if you complete the entire program without skipping a day or cheating yourself, you should find it becomes habitual and easy to continue after Day 21 ends.

For these calorie burning, belly-fat loss workouts, you won’t need special equipment! These are workouts you can do from home, at the gym, indoors, or outdoors depending on your preference for where you complete your workouts.

We realize many workout programs are too complicated and hard to follow when they use specialized equipment and complex exercises in the routines. We’ve made these fat blaster workouts, simple, to keep you motivated and help you avoid making mental excuses of why you can’t do the workouts each day.

You are also going to love the nutrition plan that you’ll be following over the next 21 days. It plays just as important of role as the ab sizzling workouts.

Eating the right amount of calories and the right types of foods can shed fat off your body faster than a workout will. You should see at least 10 pounds of weight loss over these 21 days if you follow the recommended nutrition guide.

Imagine what taking 10 pounds off your body can do to your figure?

Carrying extra fat and weight is harmful to your health and the quicker you can remove it from your body, the healthier you’ll be long term.

After this initial weight comes off FAST in the 21 days, you’ll have fat continue to shed off your body, but at a slower pace. This is ideal as it needs to be a sustainable system that you can continue long term to lose additional weight depending on your goals.

Lastly, if you try the program and don’t feel you got the value you signed up for, just email us asking for a refund. We hope this won’t be the case, but we understand not everyone will enjoy the 21 day belly fat loss program.